This report examines the impacts of global trends - population growth, urbanization, changes in diets and consumption behaviours - on global land use, considering biodiversity, the supply of food, fibre and fuel, and resource security.

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      This report was produced by the Land and Soils Working Group of the International Resource Panel. It explores how the management of land-based biomass production and consumption can be developed towards a higher degree of sustainability across different scales: from the sustainable management of soils on the field to the sustainable management of global land use as a whole.

      Specifically, this report looks at the impacts of global trends -population growth, urbanization, and changes in diets and consumption behaviors -on global land use dynamics, considering the consequences for biodiversity, the supply of food, fibers and fuel, and the long-lasting implications for resource security.

      It is intended to support the international discussion and to provide decision makers in national and regional governments and NGOs with an overview of key challenges and possible options related to sustainable land use.

      • UNEP (2014) Assessing Global Land Use: Balancing Consumption with Sustainable Supply. A Report of the Working Group on Land and Soils of the International Resource Panel. Bringezu S., Schütz H., Pengue W., O´Brien M., Garcia F., Sims R., Howarth R., Kauppi L., Swilling M., and Herrick J.

      Did you know?

      Rising income and urbanization are changing diets and increasing the need for agricultural land.

      Did you know?

      Global land use is central to determining our food, material and energy supply.

      Did you know?

      Increasing urban sprawl often comes at the expense of agricultural lands and fertile soils.

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