This report provides a robust assessment of key problems of production and use of biomass for energy purposes and options for more efficient and sustainable production and use of biomass.

    The report

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      This report was produced by the Working Group on Biofuels of the International Resource Panel. It provides an overview of the key problems and perspectives toward sustainable production and use of biofuels.

      It is based on an extensive literature study, taking into account recent major reviews. The focus is on so-called first generation biofuels while considering further lines of development. 

      In the overall context of enhancing resource productivity, options for more efficient and sustainable production and use of biomass are examined. In particular, "modern biomass use" for energetic purposes, such as biomass used for (co-) generation of heat and power and liquid biofuels for transport, are addressed and related to the use of biomass for food and material purposes.

      Whereas improving the efficiency of biomass production plays a certain role towards enhancing sustainability, progress will ultimately depend on a more efficient use of biotic (and abiotic) resources (incl. for instance an increased fuel economy of car fleets), although a full consideration of all relevant strategies towards this end (e.g. changing diets high in animal based foods and reducing food losses) is beyond the scope of this report.

      Did you know?

      Agriculture uses 70% of fresh water globally. Expansion of crops for biofuels would add to this.

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