Seiji Hasjimoto’s research interests include assessment methodologies and system design for sustainable resource and waste management, from extraction of resources to disposal. He is a Professor at Ritsumeikan University, Japan.

Seiji Hashimoto (橋本 征二) has been a Professor at Ritsumeikan University since 2011, after he was appointed as a Senior Researcher at National Institute for Environmental Studies, a Visiting Associate Professor at The University of Tokyo, a Visiting Fellow at Yale University, etc.

He studies assessment methodologies and system design for sustainable resource and waste management, looking at whole system comprehensively from extraction of resources through disposal of wastes.

He was a Lead Author of Waste Management Chapter in the Fourth Assessment Report of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) (2004-2007), a member of International Resource Panel (IRP) of the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) (2015–), a Councillor for International Society for Industrial Ecology (2009-2011), an Associate Editor of Material Flow Analysis papers for Journal of Industrial Ecology (2009-2016), and an editorial board member of Resources, Conservation and Recycling.

He received a doctoral degree from Graduate School of Engineering at Kyoto University, Japan.

Selected publications

Hashimoto, S., Y. Moriguchi (2004) Proposal of six indicators of material cycles for describing society's metabolism: from the viewpoint of material flow analysis. Resources, Conservation and Recycling 40 (3), 185-200 http:// dx.doi. org/ 10.1016/S0921 - 3449 (03)00070-3

Hashimoto, S., S. Matsui, Y. Matsuno, K. Nansai, S. Murakami, and Y. Moriguchi (2009) What factors have changed Japanese resource productivity? A decomposition analysis for 1995–2002. Journal of Industrial Ecology 12 (5‐6), 657-668 http:// dx.doi. org /10.1111 /j.1530- 9290.2008 .00072.x

Wang, H., S. Hashimoto, Q. Yue, Y. Moriguchi, and Z. Lu (2013) Decoupling analysis of four selected countries: China, Russia, Japan, and the United States during 2000-2007. Journal of Industrial Ecology 17 (4), 618-629

Dente, S.M.R., C. Aoki-Suzuki, D. Tanaka, and S. Hashimoto (2018) Revealing the life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of materials: The Japanese case. Resources, Conservation and Recycling 133, 395-403 10.1 016 /j.resconrec .2017.12.011

Moriguchi, Y., S. Hashimoto (2016) Material flow analysis and waste management. in Clift, R. and A. Druckman (Eds.) Taking Stock of Industrial Ecology, 247-262, Springer https ://link. /chapter/10.1007/978-3 -319-205 71-7_12

Hashimoto, S., H. Tanikawa, Y. Moriguchi (2007) Where will large amounts of materials accumulated within the economy go?–A material flow analysis of construction minerals for Japan. Waste management 27 (12),  1725- 1738

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Tasaki, T., Y. Kameyama, S. Hashimoto, Y. Moriguchi, and H. Harasawa (2010) A survey of national sustainable development indicators. International Journal of Sustainable Development 13 (4), 337-361

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