Anthony Chiu is a specialist in industrial engineering, sustainable consumption and production, eco-industrial development, and resource efficient and cleaner production.

Anthony (Shun Fung) Chiu has Doctor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering degrees from De La Salle University in Manila as well as of Master of Engineering Major in Industrial Engineering from the Asian Institute of Technology in Bangkok.

Dr Chiu is a specialist in the field of industrial engineering, resource efficient and cleaner production, sustainable consumption and production, and eco-industrial development.  He is currently a University Fellow and Professor at the Gokongwei College of Engineering, De La Salle University. He is a Philippine delegate to the United Nations ESCAP Roadmap for 2030 Agenda as well as in Rio+20 Summit, CSD19, and UNCRD 3R Forum. Dr Chiu also serves several international professional entities as President (APRSCP, ISBITM, APIEMS), senior executive (ISIE, IFPR), and editor in chief of Elsevier journal Cleaner and Responsible Consumption.  Professor Chiu is the first Philippine awardee of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers as outstanding international correspondent, and a first Philippine academe recipient of the ASEAN Engineer in the field of Industrial Engineering.  Dr. Chiu received 2018 National Research Council of the Philippines Engineering Achievement Award and 2020 National Academy of Science and Technology Enviornmental Science Award Special Citation.

Selected publications

Chiu, A.S.F.; Aviso, K.; Tan, R. 2020.  On general principles at the sustainability science-policy interface.  Resource, Conservation, and Recycling, Volume 158, July 2020, 104828.

Aviso, K.B., Chiu, A.S.F., Demeterio III, F.P.A., Lucas, R.I.G., Tseng, M.L., Tan, R.R. (2019). Optimal human resource planning with P-graph for universities undergoing transition. Journal of Cleaner Production, 224, 811-822.

Chiu, A.S.F., Dong, L., Geng, Y., Rapera, C., Tan, E. (2017). Philippine resource efficiency in Asian context: Status, trends and driving forces of Philippine material flows from 1980 to 2008. Journal of Cleaner Production, 153, 63-73.

Geng, Y., Fujita, T., Bleischwitz, R., Chiu, A., Sarkis, J. (2019). Accelerating the transition to equitable, sustainable, and liveable cities: toward post-fossil carbon societies. Journal of Cleaner Production, 239, 118020.

Yang, L., Wang, C., Yu, H., Yang, M., Wang, S., Chiu, A.S.F., Wang, Y. (2020). Can an island economy be more sustainable? A comparative study of Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Journal of Cleaner Production, 242, 118572

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