The international environmental meeting Stockholm+50 takes place 2nd-3rd of June in Stockholm, Sweden under the theme “Stockholm+50: a healthy planet for the prosperity of all – our responsibility, our opportunity”.

Stockholm+50 will commemorate the 1972 United Nations Conference on the Human Environment and celebrate 50 years of global environmental action. By recognizing the importance of multilateralism in tackling the Earth’s triple planetary crisis – climate, nature, and pollution – the event aims to act as a springboard accelerate the implementation of the UN Decade of Action to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals, including the 2030 Agenda, Paris Agreement on climate change, the post-2020 global Biodiversity Framework, and encourage the adoption of green post-COVID-19 recovery plans.


The International Resource Panel is organizing one Stockholm+50 side event and the IRP Co-Chairs will participate in a total of 5 events connected to Stockholm+50:


31st of May, 14.00-16.00 CEST: One Planet Network Forum- Changing how we think, act, and inspire

The opening plenary of the One Planet Network Forum, where IRP Co-Chair Izabella Teixeira will be a panelist, will set the backdrop for the two-day event and will allow for inspiring messages advocating for a profound and equitable transformation of our economies grounded on changes in how we think, act, and share about sustainable consumption and production.

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1st of June 12.30-14.00 CEST: One Planet Network Forum “Changing how we measure

This panel discussion, where IRP Co-Chair Izabella Teixeira will be the keynote speaker and moderator, will highlight key scientific considerations to inform policymaking for Sustainable Consumption and Production, including decoupling and the social/human well-being dimension, and explore key scientific tools and resources available to inform science-driven policymaking, including the SCP Hotspot Analysis Tool (SCP-HAT) and the Global Resources Outlook.

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2nd of June 11:30 to 12:45 CEST:Safeguarding Our Common Home - A Pathway of Hope in the Stockholm+50 Declaration” 

IRP Co-Chair Izabella Teixeira is a panelist in this event that will open a new phase of discussions around rethinking Global Commons, toward a critical paradigm shift, based on the one-page four-step structured Declaration presented at Stockholm+49, considering: 1-Implement Right to a Healthy Environment 2-Recognize, restore and Safeguard Global Commons 3-Establish a Regenerative Economy 4-Prioritize Governance and Institutional Solutions.

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2nd of June 15:45-17:00 CEST, IRP event: “Natural Resource Use for a Healthy Planet and Human Prosperity”

In this event, organized by the IRP, the IRP’s Co-Chairs Izabella Teixeira and Janez Potočnik, and GRO’s lead author Hans Bruyninckx will engage with key stakeholders, especially policymakers, youth and science leadership, to show how the transition can be achieved by sharing emerging messages, and crowdsourcing innovative examples. The resource solutions highlighted will pave the way to achieving a healthy planet and prosperity for all.


3rd June from 10:00 to 13:00 CEST- Leadership Dialogue 2 –Achieving a sustainable and inclusive recovery from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic

The aim of the Stockholm+50 leadership dialogues is to engage governments, international organizations, business and industry, civil-society organizations in an exchange of ideas on opportunities to overcome barriers to implementation, connect actions, and create new, intergenerational pathways for change to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. In this session, focused on the sustainable recovery path from COVID-19, IRP Co-Chair Janez Potočnik will participate as a panelist.

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