On March 16th 2022, Forum for the Future of Agriculture hosted the event “Transatlantic dialogue on agri-food system resilience and sustainability”.

The event focused on the value of transatlantic collaboration to increase the resilience and sustainability of the global agri-food system.

IRP Co-Chair Janez Potočnik and former U.S. Secretary for Agriculture, Dan Glickman, discussed and reflected on the outcomes of the UN Food Systems Summit and COP-26, and shared their perspectives on ways to increase agri-food system resilience and sustainability. As concluding remarks in the discussion, Janez Potočnik stated: "Immediate solutions are of course urgently needed but we should not be distracted by low hanging fruits. Actually, actions always need to be aligned with needed long term systemic perspectives and changes."

The opening and closing remarks were made by Peggy Yih, Managing Director, Center on Global Food and Agriculture, Chicago Council on Global Affairs and the discussion was moderated by Mark Titterington, Senior Adviser to the Forum for the Future of Agriculture.

See the full recording of the event below: