The International Resource Panel provides a comprehensive understanding of linkages between the world economy, population and material use for more than four decades based on an authoritative database of global materials extraction and materials trade.

This large data set has been established to present direct and consumption-based material flow indicators for seven world regions and for more than 185 countries, covering total usage, per capita use, and material use per US dollar. It also provides details for different groups of materials. It provides strong support to informed decision-making by policy and business communities.

To access the database, please use Internet Explorer (instead of Chrome, Firefox, or other browsers). Please fill in the form below and you will have immediate access without any charges. Your personal information collected will only be used by our researchers to understand more about the database users and will not be shared with external parties.

The database should be referenced as United Nations Environment Programme International Resource Panel Global Material Flows Database.

For analytical tools and visualisation of material flows data, please refer to and to  ResourceWatch.


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